Designing a roleplay forum

Role UI/UX Designer, Front end
Duration From 2018 to today


For starters, I love to write and tell stories. During my high school years I discovered the existence of roleplay forums. It is a writing forum where everyone plays a character he or she has invented and interacts in writing with the characters of other players to make their story evolve. It is a kind of virtual novel written by several people. It's a bit of a niche hobby but it's something that has been with me for years. Each forum proposes its own concept (science-fiction, school of magic, fantasy, contemporary, absurd etc...), its own lore, its own plot and the players make it evolve together.

The basic forums are not very visually appealing. Clearly not. Very early on I wanted to customize them and offer them a design that I would have created. That's how I unknowingly stepped into the world of webdesign more than 10 years ago.

Since then I have created dozens of forum designs. Currently I'm in the staff of this forum: (z)Heroes for which I'm mainly in charge of the design and its integration. It's a forum on the theme of superheroes (inspired by the universe of the manga My Hero Academia), all in an atmosphere that we like to call "pop-apocalyptic".

For this design, I wanted to play with the comic book codes and give a very offbeat atmosphere to the forum, just like its scenario.

Thanks for reading ! ✌

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